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Company introduction

Foshan Qili Technology Co., Ltd is located in Jinben Jingang Avenue, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, with a plant construction area of 11000 square meters. It is a multi-directional development enterprise integrating design, development, processing and production. Now it is committed to hardware accessories such as hot air gun (baking gun), air nozzle and so on R & D and manufacturing of heating core, power cord, automotive supplies and film coating tools, with the goal of building a national hot air gun production base. Since its establishment, the company has developed rapidly, gathering the R & D team of hot air gun, from appearance design to product structure engineering, and the investment of product experiment and testing room. At the same time, it has mold production workshop, injection molding workshop, hardware parts stamping workshop, circuit board production workshop, heating core production workshop, finished product assembly production workshop and product R & D and testing workshop. In 2023, the company has passed the ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification and has multiple appearance patents, utility patents, and invention patents.Main products: export 1400W hot air gun, 1600W hot air gun, 1800W hot air gun, 2000W hot air gun, 2200W hot air gun and hot air gun accessories. The main product categories are: industrial hot air gun, temperature regulating hot air gun, digital display hot air gun, constant temperature hot air gun, LCD liquid display hot air gun, high temperature hot air gun, small hot air gun, handheld hot air gun, etc. Our products have reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, excellent quality and complete varieties. Now we mainly undertake OEM & ODDM brand customization of hot air guns at home and abroad. Values: cooperation, achievement orientation and innovation. Vision: to build a national hot air gun production base. Quality concept: full participation, focus on quality and continuous improvement. Production philosophy: lean production, cost reduction and efficiency increase, continuous improvement, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction, people-oriented and safe production. All staff adhere to the service concept of, focus and concentration. Its scientific and technological products are exported to 97 countries and regions such as North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Australia. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to come to inspect the factory and discuss cooperation.

Productive power
With complete instruments and equipment, rigorous quality control system, exquisite production technology and considerate after-sales service, Qili technology ensures to deliver products according to the standards of "high standard", "high efficiency" and "high quality", and provides customers with professional integrated OEM and ODM customized solutions and services.
24m high speed
flow production line
Daily output
of finished products
Monthly output
of finished products
Annual output
of finished products
Our advantages
300 +Product design
500 +Finished product commissioning

100 +Product validation
5000+Finished product test
Full service

Qili technology has a professional design team, complete R & D instruments, rigorous quality control system,
exquisite production technology and advanced service concept to manufacture powerful high-quality hot-air gun tools
Patent technology
It has obtained more than 100 intellectual property patents for scientific research and core technology,
including trademarks, appearance patents, utility patents, and invention patents. There are more than 30 applications in progress It will maintain 40 patent applications per year to ensure the independence and security of intellectual property rights of customers' products

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