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Qili specializes in the production of hot air gun tools and industrial hot air guns. Tel.: + 86-0757-8757 2735 Qili is a leading enterprise in modern electric heating appliances.
We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to come to the factory for inspection and cooperation.
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* Important safety instructions for hot air gun

* Hot air gun operation procedure and maintenance
* Safety precautions for hot air gun
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Foshan Qili Technology Co., Ltd.

Mobile phone:+86-135 6084 3408

Customer service: +86-0757-8757 2735

Address: 528100, No. 32, Jingang Avenue, Jinben Town, southwest Street, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

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Mobile phone & Wechat & WhatsApp: + 86-135 6084 3408 Service hours: (Monday to Saturday) 8:00-12:00 am; 13:30-18:00 pm. Customer service Tel: + 86-0757-8757 2735
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