QR-85B2 Qili Stepless temperature regulating hot air gun

MotorVoltage 18-22V
Voltage 220V-240V50/60Hz
Power 2000W
Temperature 60-600℃
Airvolume 250、500L/min
Display N/A
Temperature control MCU control
Temperature regulation mode Side knob
Speed regulation mode Two speed switch control
Electric motor Taiwan 365 motor
Heating core Three wire long life heating core
Power cord Three plug 3C national standard power cord (1.8m), various specifications can be customized
Placement method Inverted support
Function Two speed switch control and high temperature protection
Weight 689g
Q.C per carton 20PCS
Dimensions 54x50x42.5cm
G.W/N.W 18.58KG/16.18KG
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